Career Consultation

Today’s job search requires a unique approach. Developing your career goals can be stalled by the overwhelming number of job boards and few job postings. There is a large gap in the number of jobs you apply for and the ones you hear back from. Alliance Human Resource Management will help you close that gap with 5 simple steps:

Finding a legitimate job posting that you are highly qualified for

Between 30-50% of positions found online are not valid, expired, duplicated or fake. We help you source position openings from the company itself.

Becoming the best candidate applying for the job

Alliance HRM will transform you into a “must speak to” candidate. Our technique of shaping your resume around each individual job position will make you a “fairytale” candidate. Hiring managers will think that you are too good to be true!

Using LinkedIn to personally communicate with the hiring manager

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for networking in a professional online community. Through LinkedIn, Alliance HRM will guide you on how to speak to existing connections, convince your connection that you are the best candidate for a job and get personal recommendations from those connections.

If you have no existing LinkedIn connection with your desired company, that is okay too. We have a proven process that helps you target, contact and interact with the best connections. It never hurts to connect with HR personnel and hiring managers.

Establishing yourself and your personal brand

Effectively creating a brand for yourself on LinkedIn will highlight you to LinkedIn recruiters. Alliance HRM will help you…

  • Create an attractive, relevant profile
  • Improve your profile layout
  • Interact and participate with business and professional blogs

Interview preparation

Almost everyone is underprepared for an interview. Alliance HRM will help you prepare…

  • With endless practice questions & answers
  • With practice phone and video interviews
  • By helping you understand why certain questions are asked